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Nightlife in Dublin: The Best Bars & Pubs

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

We know that you’re a good student and you would never get distracted by the enchanting lure of parties and cheap drinks. We are just going to put down this list of the best pubs and clubs in Dublin for your information. You can read about the ebullient nightlife of the Irish capital and its effervescent live concerts and then go back to your Mechanics and Special Relativity Slides and have an early night sleep.

Located on Wellington Quay, Bison Bar offers a dedicated Whiskey selection and the best ribs in town. With a rough, saloon-like atmosphere of wooden counters and bison heads hanging on the wall, it will make you feel like a sturdy Texan in a Sergio Leone’s movie.

If it’s some live music you’re looking for, head to the Cobblestone. Sessions of live Irish music kick off every night in a rickety, semi-dark venue with velvet-red walls and snug interior.

On Dame Lane, you can find the pub that catered to generations of Dubliners, the Stag’s Head. Its Victorian décor and mahogany counter, its stained-glass windows and decadent atmosphere made it the perfect background for movies such as Educating Rita and Penny Dreadful.

A late-night bar with an endless choice of whiskey, 37 Dawson street is an elegant bar with finely elaborate decor. Dim lights and a deadly dance floor is what awaits you at this luxurious venue.

Since 1995, The Button Factory hosts live concerts, rehearsals, famous and emerging musicians. Great acoustics, an array of specialist cocktails, craft beers and music until late is what characterises this lively bar on Temple Bar.

Shake what your mother gave you at the Bar With No Name. There is no sign at the entrance of this venue, but you’ll see a wooden snail indicating the stairs that bring up to this cavernous bar adorned with Newton photographs and decaying furniture. In the last 10 years, The Bar with No Name has become a synonym for delicious cocktails and deadly tunes.

This is just a selection of our favourites, but Dublin has plenty of places to have the craic. It’s legit to have some fun every now and then, don’t be eaten up by your guilty conscience. You can start saving money and preparing your exams from next week. Take a break from your studies and go enjoy your last years without responsibilities, you’ll miss them!

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