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Student Housing Near Dublin Universities 

Trinity College

Trinty Halls

If you are studying at TCD and need accommodation close by, reach out to us. Hazelwood Student Accommodation near Trinity College Dublin is only a short bus ride away and super easy to get to. 

Take the buses 4, 16, 33, 41, 41b & 41 c to get to Trinity in no time, or hop on your bike and avoid all the traffic!

45min              26min              22min

Hazelwood student housing is very close to DCU, just a 5-minute cycle and a 15-minute walk away. No transport. No fuss. No traffic! Heaven. 

Worried about having your bike robbed? Don't be. Hazelwood provides bike racks & 24-hour security monitorisation. We're always watching those lurking about and up to no good!

17min              6min                9min               15min

Dublin City University

Student Accommodation Near DCU Dublin

Dublin Institute

of Technology 

Student Accommodation DIT

With Hazelwood, enjoy student accommodation near DIT, which can be reached by the bus routes 16, 4 or any bus to Dublin City Centre.

If you prefer to cycle to DIT it would take you about 15-20 minute on a bike, with safe bike routes along the way, if you haven't cycled around the city much.

45min              20min              20min

Student Housing Blanchardstown

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

If you are studying and need student accommodation near ITB, hop on the 17A bus which will get you to your destination in under an hour.

Maybe you'd be faster cycling to ITB? Just lock your bike securely at Hazelwood when you're back. If you are lucky enough to drive a car, you'll be in class in a quarter of an hour, just be aware of traffic, you don't want to be late, or do you?

50min              16min              38min

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland Rent

Hazelwood is also a suitable student accommodation near Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. To get to college, you'd have to take the 4, 13, 16 or alternatively, get your morning and evening exercise by cycling. Save money, and the environment!

50min              25min              35min

DBS Student Accommodation

Right in the heart of Dublin, you may be studying and living in perfect student housing near Dublin Business School. Living at Hazelwood is the perfect option. Take the 9, 13 or 122 bus route and arrive at DBS in just over half an hour!

40min              20min              25min

Dublin Business School

St. Patrick's College

St Patrick's College Dublin Accommodation

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland can be reached by the bus routes 33, 41, 41b, 41c, 16, 16c & 13.

Don't be worried for your bike at Hazelwood. We have lots of bike racks which are monitored 24-hours.

20min              10min              13min

Cheap student accommodation near All Hallows College is possible! Get to college and back home reached by the 16, 16c, 33, 41, 41b, 41c & 13 bus route. Even if you miss one bus, the next is just minutes away.

Cycle or take a lovely walk to All Hallows College to avoid traffic, and if the Irish weather is nice!



25min              13min              15min

All Hallows College

All Hallows College Dublin Student Housing

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