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How To Find Affordable Student Accommodation In Dublin

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

student accommodation near DCU

The first step towards adulthood is moving out of your parents’ house. It’s a declaration of independence and a sign of maturity. You’re ready to leave the nest and make it on your own.

However, as brave and wise as you might be, this important change in your life doesn’t come without difficulties. The first one is to survive without your mama’s food, that is not to underestimate. The second one is finding an accommodation you can actually afford.

Entering the real estate jungle can be traumatising, especially if you are looking for a student room in Dublin.

Finding a cheap student flat in Dublin might feel like solving a quantum equation, but don’t panic, if you read this article you’ll find very helpful information to get through this battle fought to the death!

Student Housing: Room, Flat or University Accommodation?

student living dublin

Would you rather live in a university accommodation on campus or as far away from professors as possible? Share a flat with other students or rent a whole place by yourself? Twin room or single room? Wait, don’t answer! Before you even try answering, try to picture yourself in each of these situations.

Living on campus might not always be the best solution. Let alone the competition and the stressful wait for the accommodation rankings to come out, if you’re a frequent traveler and have to catch the train on a regular basis you might consider living by a station or near the airport.

If doing the home chores is your kryptonite you have no choice but to live in a university accommodation, where nice ladies clean the accommodation for you and you won’t have to touch Dettol for a while. However, if you’re a control freak and a compulsive germaphobe and you go ape when someone touches your things, you’re better off doing the cleaning by yourself.

hazelwood student housing dublin

In a similar way, if you’re a social person it would be a good idea to share a flat with students. In case you’re a misanthrope with mal de vivre, who often needs some alone time, a single room or a hermitage in Dublin Mountains would be perfect.

If you need a place to crash during summer, avoid college accommodation, as it only lasts until May or June. Have you a summer internship lined up, or are you spending your time locked up in a library finishing up a thesis? Your best bet is to choose summer student accommodation near Dublin City Center.

Want A Cheap Student Residence in Dublin? Start Looking Now!

student rooms dublin

Do not procrastinate. We know. It’s the student skill par excellence. When you have something important to do, suddenly you’re room needs tidying, your floor needs sweeping and, oh my god, that fingerprint on the window glass you’ve never even noticed before screams at you in despair: “Remove me or I’ll haunt you for the rest of your miserable life!”

However, if you can’t afford to pay more for your accommodation, you have to act in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute because you’ll find the leftovers. Old, cold, rickety hovels that cost an arm and a leg.

Rental Accommodations For Students In Dublin: Where To Look

student rooms for rent dublin

We don’t think we need to tell you that if you want to find a roof over your head you need an Internet connection. If you’re looking for student apartments to rent in Dublin, no need to bother with agencies. Just open your browser and search for relevant keywords: student house to rent, student housing dublin, cheap students rooms in dublin and so on. Websites like or are the most reliable but the ads are usually managed by real estate agencies. On the other hand, on Facebook you can find tens of groups where students and owners directly publish their offers with photos and contact details.

If you wish to find a room in a university accommodation, just open your university accommodation board and you’ll have everything you need. Keep in mind, though, that universities can provide accommodation for a small number of students. Just to give you an idea, UCD reserves a place for only one third of the new applicants. The HEA estimated that there was a deficit of about 25,000 student beds in 2014 and now it has certainly increased.

Our suggestion is that if you do apply for a room at Trinity College, DCU, DIT, UCD or any other university accommodation, that at the same time, you start looking for an alternative. Don’t get caught off guard. People who have been rejected know how little help comes from the accommodation office to find an alternative solution, limited to the publication of a notice board with ads for apartments for students, not even online. This can be tough, especially for international students, who need to travel all the way to Dublin and who must make sure they have a place to live in.

In case you don’t want to be bothered with waiting lists and rankings, just check out our student room offers and be sure to find affordable student accommodation before the beginning of the term.

Finding A Student Room In Dublin: A Challenge You Can Take

Even if finding a rental accommodation for students in Dublin might feel like throwing the ring into Mount Doom, don’t get discouraged. Thousands of students did before you and thousands of students will do it after you. Don’t panic, breathe and get ready for some serious house hunting. Searching for a room is like grating cheese on pasta. It’s never enough. So keep looking, take notes, explore, ask questions until you have a clear picture in your mind of all the possibilities you have and what are the steps you should take to get what you want.

You might not find a student room straight away, but make sure to keep focused and determined to achieve your goal. This is the winning attitude to succeed in life and finding a student accommodation is just the first step. So roll up your sleeves and get it done!

Apply for student accommodation near DCU, or other Dublin universities, and your work is done.

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